EKKO Pre-drying chamber

The Pre-drying chamber is very necessary in cold times of the year, where charcoal is produced in the open air. This chamber is in addition to the preliminary drying system and uses the extra heat of the pyrolysis reaction. The main task of the pre-drying chamber is to minimize heat loss during the drying of wood directly in the trolley.


The charcoal furnace EKKO is equipped with an automatic preliminary drying temperature control system, which can vary between 100-200°C.  The production cycle is 10-16 hours, same as in the chamber of a carbonization furnace,  depending on the parameters of the woods used for drying.  The pre-dryer chamber uses the trolleys of the carbonization furnace EKKO. The pre-drying chamber is sent to the consumer in disassembled form, to minimize logistic costs.


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