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EKKO Carbonization Furnace

An environmentally friendly furnace for carbonization of raw materials, using low speed pyrolysis, to produce high-grade charcoal. Extra heat can be used for preliminary drying of the raw material or for other purposes.

EKKO Pre-drying chamber

The pre-drying chamber is very necessary in cold times of the year, also if charcoal produces open air. This chamber is in addition to the preliminary drying system, because it’s using the extra heat of the pyrolysis reaction. The main task of the pre-drying chamber is to minimize heat loss during the drying of wood directly in the trolley.

Preliminary dryer for EKKO

Preliminary dryer is used to “quickly and efficiently” remove moisture from wood to obtain dry raw materials for pyrolysis. Preliminary drying takes place outside of the drying/pyrolysis chamber, which can significantly shorten the cycle time and increase the productivity of the kiln from 50 to 100% when using “fresh” wood.

Logistics elements for EKKO

We supply multiple logistics elements such as trolleys, trestles, rails and tippers, to allow you to optimize the production process and reduce production costs. Avoiding manual labor is a key requirement for responsible equipment management for safety.


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