Equipment for production of biochar

Turn waste into a valuable resource

CharTech – Supplying Carbonization Equipment in New Zealand

Create biochar in an economically and ecologically sustainable way

CharTech supplies and services equipment for the carbonization of biomass. The equipment offered by CharTech is specifically built to create biochar in an economically and ecologically sustainable way. Using the largely untapped supply of New Zealand’s waste biomass in CharTech’s carbonization furnaces lock in the carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released back into the atmosphere if left to decompose.

EKKO Carbonization Furnace

An environmentally friendly furnace for carbonization of raw materials, using low speed pyrolysis, to produce high-grade charcoal. Extra heat can be used for preliminary drying of the raw material or for other purposes.

  • ultra-high temperature
  • Automated control systems
  • Highly Efficient
  • Low electricity consumption


CharTech supplies a full range of accessories for the EKKO Carbonization Furnace including:

  • Pre-drying chamber
  • Preliminary dryer
  • Logistics elements eg trolleys, trestles, rails, tippers

What is biochar?

Charcoal that is produced from a renewable resource in an environmentally responsible manner with the purpose of being applied to soil is called biochar.

Benefits of biochar

  • Sequesters carbon, mitigating the emission of CO2
  • Water retention in soil
  • Increases availability of Ca, Mg, P and K in soil
  • Benefit structural characteristics of soil
  • Increased plant growth
  • Reduced inputs of water and nutrients

Examples of raw materials that can be turned into biochar

Timber offcuts

Forestry slash

Nut shells

Woody plant waste

Fruit pits

Plant prunings

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