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CharTechnologies Ltd. (CharTech) supplies and services equipment for the carbonization of biomass. The equipment offered by CharTech is specifically built to create biochar in an economically and ecologically sustainable way. Using the largely untapped supply of New Zealand’s waste biomass in CharTech’s carbonization furnaces lock in the carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released back into the atmosphere if left to decompose. 

CharTech is based in Nelson and is the proud agent of GreenPower carbonization equipment.

GreenPower has been producing carbonization equipment for over 25 years and has solid expertise, especially in the production of medium scale facilities.

CharTech are members of BioChar Network New Zealand.

Who are the people behind CharTech

Will Turinsky (Director) is originally from Germany where he studied process technique at the university of Munich. He moved to New Zealand in 2000. In New Zealand has as a director and owner of a number of companies been involved in technical product design as well as manufacturing management.

Henk van Oeveren (Director) is originally from the Netherlands. Henk studied at the Agricultural University of Wageningen. He moved to New Zealand in 1992. As a director and owner of several companies Henk has been heavily involved in engineering, product design, equipment sales and servicing.


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